Have you ever seen a musician play along to a song they never heard before, and sound like they already knew the song? How does someone do that?

A Black Belt Musician has the technique, theoretical and historical knowledge, and experience to play creatively and with confidence in any style. They are able to understand and learn unfamiliar styles of music with ease.

A Black Belt Musician, by virtue of their personal commitment, is recognized as part of a community of like minded practitioners and learners who share the values of respect and humility. Music is a mountain with no plateau, and the Black Belt Musician knows that the way forward requires transcending fear and judgement until one can express his or herself freely and beyond ego. 



Ry Bradley started on the guitar at 11 years old and was mostly self taught while he played in punk bands during his teen years. At 17 he enrolled at the University of California to earn a Bachelor's Degree in Guitar Performance. After completing this essentially classical degree with mentor John Schneiderman Ry went on to study Jazz and Improvisation with Steve Trovato of the USC studio guitar faculty. Ry has won awards as a country music artist and songwriter, he has had his songs featured in films and tv shows and currently performs and teaches in Nashville, Tennessee. Ry has been obsessed with the martial arts since 1999 and credits much of his success in life to the lessons he's learned in training martial arts. He currently holds a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu - Jitsu.

Ry is also proud to report that he has taken many guitarists from total beginner to "Black Belt" on the guitar.