Stuck trying to figure out the next step by themselves. Stuck not knowing if they can trust the feedback they get from family and friends, even the feedback from their fellow band members. Stuck not knowing how to get out of their rut. Stuck playing to YouTube backing tracks wondering why they don’t have a gig. 

Most guitarist are alone and hiding out, but the fastest way to get better is to have a community of like minded people sharing what works for them and sharing their knowledge. 

Most people think it’s a competition. This view of music is keeping us isolated and figuring it out alone. This is a lie, it’s not a competition. Lighting a candle doesn’t take light from another candle, it's just more light in the world. If you view music in this new way, you’ll have anything you want with your music, you’ll progress faster and have more fun and opportunities than you can even imagine. 

I’m creating a tribe of like minded guitarists who meet once a month to give straightforward honest feedback, develop their playing, talk about gigs, be friends, discuss gear, share licks. Everything you’d get from a tribe of people like you. People like us.

Most people don’t understand our obsession with the guitar. They don’t understand the why it fills us up and why we obsess about playing it. 

 This Tribe is mostly focused on guitar playing in the American roots, blues, rockabilly, country, swing, soul, jazz, twangy or bluesy styles of improvised music.

There won’t be much hard rock, metal or prog discussed. (Totally cool styles of playing but a very different world for guitar approach, gear and repertory) 

 Lot’s of us guitarists grew up on rock but have shifted into other guitar styles. Most of this tribe can already play a bit but want to take it further and get more gigs, or get more confident for gigs and learning new stuff. 

 The “TWANG HANG” is in the evening on the first Wednesday of each month. We will meet on video call. (Software and format still to be determined)

 During each “Twang Hang” We will have a specific lesson and breakdown as well as some time for some of our members to play for our tribe and get some invaluable performing experience as well as feedback. Questions are encouraged and we will get to as many as possible during our 90 minute session. 

If this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of give us your email so we can keep you posted on the launch of “Twang Hang.” 

Welcome! We are making some big changes, Click here to stay informed on our monthly "Twang Hang" private online tribe of guitarists

Welcome! We are making some big changes, if you'd like to stay informed on our monthly "Twang Hang" private online tribe of guitarists click below.


Click here!

You have a strong foundation and are ready to start playing with other musicians and/or start improvising.



When you complete the "Blue Belt Course" you will be able to:

-Know how to play with others.

-Use backing tracks to improvise. 

-Play major and minor bar chords.

-Improvise and create melodies with major and minor pentatonic scales.

-Use a basic understanding of  the "Nashville" number system to quickly learn songs and improvise.

-Bend strings in tune and use vibrato. 

-Use you new catalog of iconic licks to elevate songs.

-Play many rhythm guitar styles to elevate group playing and songs.

-Read music on in the open position. 

-Be a contribution to any band or group you play with.  

Start your journey to Blackbelt on guitar.

Start your journey with a solid foundation and have the skills to play your favorite songs, jam with other musicians and know what skills you need to learn next. You'll be part of an online community, have the complete beginner course and be included in online master classes. 

Complete beginner course -  6-12 month (depending on student's time investment)  online course with training and access to private online community of students. 

When you complete the "White Belt Course" you will be able to:
- Play the 10 most important open chords
- Play the 3 most common strumming patterns rhythmically without stopping
- Play power chords
- Play 10 songs
- Read Tabs
- Play a 12 Bar Blues
- Submit a video for promotion to blue belt. 
You will have also seen your progress and have the confidence to take on the next level of guitar. 

A clear choice for the committed student who  would like to be able to review the foundation at anytime or jump ahead to intermediate techniques. 

While anyone can purchase any Black Belt Musician Course, official "ranking" of students must be attained by video submission test at the completion of each course. For example; an official Black Belt Musician "Blue Belt" is a person who has completed the White Belt course and has submitted video requirements to be reviewed by our coaches. The rank is then awarded to the student via email and a colored strap sent to the students preferred mailing address. 

Coming in Summer 2023! This course is taught with the punk rock guitarist in mind. A power chord, palm muting raw rock loving cat who wants to have the skills to solo and put songs together in a vintage/old school sound. Any guitarist can use this course but many of us are self taught kids in punk bands and want to move into the fun and interesting world of Rockabilly.
Chuck Berry, Brian Setzer, Cliff Gallup, Roy Orbison, James Burton, Scotty Moore and many more. Become a great rockabilly guitarist!
-30 Plus Classic Rockabilly Licks, and where/when to play them
-Bass Note and Rhythm Guitar Styles for Swing, Straight, 2 Beat and Country Influenced Roots Rock
-Tone and Playing with a Band
-Building interesting rhythm and lead parts.

"As someone who picked up playing guitar without any formal music education in the instrument, I really appreciate the foundational nature as well as the performance element of being graded on my playing and learning. It is a good challenge and I encourage everyone to try this course."

Derek Lee Goodreid  


"As an Army guy I travel all over the world.  This style of teaching has helped me develop a concrete foundation in playing that has enabled me to better understand what I’m doing and where I want to go. "

Mike P.  El Paso, TX

I have tried for many years to learn the guitar and have failed but with the motivation and confidence that this method has given me I feel now that I have turned a corner and making progress.